Mission Statement

medInnovest is devoted to accelerating the transformation of healthcare practice. Our goal of improving health outcomes is based on the integration of patient care, research, and medical device & service development.

With our belief in this revolutionary process, we strive to offer services – primarily focusing on pediatrics - which enable

Telemedicine Software Framework - livestreamMed

livestreamMed is a complex telemedicine software framework for supporting the patient’s medical path and remote health monitoring. Based on the unique modelling system and the implemented medical protocols, livestreamMed creates risk analysis, suggests target values and next steps of the medical care process and provides alerts as well. livestreamMed is prepared for the processing of the data delivered by medical devices but also offers questionnaires for collecting all types of information.

Device development

HomeCare Spirometer

The homecare spirometer is paired with a mobile phone. Consequently the user interface is an intuitive application, with a gamified version being available for children. This supports the correct usage, with instructions, which increases the accuracy of the measurement, while the interaction with the telemedicine center enables the regular monitoring of the patient’s condition by a physician.

HomeCare ECG

The homecare ECG can be used by the patient - without having any professional medical knowledge - for periodical monitoring or, in case of any cardiovascular emergency, immediately. The device is connected to a mobile phone. The mobile app evaluates the result, informs the patient whether he or she should contact the physician while automatically sending the data to the telemedicine center as well.


By using homecare medical devices and connecting them to livestreamMed, medInnovest offers services which